Project Based Learning (PBL) activities using the “Lepida Scuola” method

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Essential Handbook

The autor proposes an essential approach to Project Based Learning that, drawing from the literature, confronts the issue of its concrete application in the classroom. This handbook is the result of many significant experiences in schools of every level and aims to give a tangible response to the widely expressed need for methodological change. The work refers to simple projects and is aimed primarily at those who are approaching PBL in the classroom for the first time. Indications are provided for both the activities preliminary to the development of the project and for the various phases of their implementation in the classroom. At least one activity for each phase has been included with related deliverables and assessment proposals. In relation to assessment, rubrics has been produced that provide an initial means of assessing the life skills. Method proposed will be constantly and continuously refined following the approach of Design Based Research, an excellent interpreter of our spirit which, keeping a distance from the still attractive and unpredictable naiveté of do-it-yourself, assiduously seeks the rigour of a scientifically based method.

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