Geoffrey CHEW e la particle democracy.

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Mi ha sempre affascinato questa teoria che Paul Davis sintetizza così

… Some years ago an American physicist, Geoffrey Chew, likened this restless dance of shadowy transmutation to a democracy. We cannot pin down a particle and say that is such-and-such an entity. Instead we must regard every particle as somehow made up of every other particle in an endless Strange Loop. No particle is more elementary than any other. (This is the bootstrapping idea …).

Il will be evident that there is a strong holistic flavour to the quantum aspects of the nature of matter: interlocking levels of descriptions with everything else and yet still displaying a hierarchy of structure. It is within this all-embracing wholeness that physicists pursue the quest for the ultimate constituents of matter and the ultimate, unified, force.

Così Paul Davis in GOD & THE NEW PHYSICS (1983) ed Simon & Scuster. pag. 163.


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